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皑圦uit it!” cried James, turning upon he▓r, “Or I’l

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l pay you back in yo▓ur own coin.” The husband sna


rle●d fiercely, sprang to his feet, and●, crowding in


between his wife and▓ the Australian, glared savagely a


t him● as long as the evening lasted. We turne▓d in

soon afterward, eleven of us▓, on


needed no covering▓; even when the rain poured we sw●eated as

in the glare of sunlight●.The sucklings took turns in maintai●ning a continual wailing through the nigh▓t; the other brats amused themselves in● walking and tumbling over our prostrate forms;● a lizard chorus sang their monotonous ▓selections with unusual vim and vigor.If we sl▓ept at all it was in brief, semi-conscious▓ snatches. With daylight, came the B●urman to repeat his attempt to purch●ase my companion’s helmet.James spurned ▓the offer as before. “Then yours, sa▓hib,” pleaded the fellow, in Hindustanee. 癜One rupee!” “One” I

cried.“My de●ar fellow, do you know that the Swedish consul▓ of Ceylon once wore that topee” ▓ “One rupee,” repeated th●e Burman, not having understood. ● “Tell him to chase himself,” said James. ▓ “Still,” I

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azy” shouted the Australian.“The ▓sun would knock you out

s old topee,● that I had won in fair barter wi▓th the Norseman, set down on ●his ears. I handed one of the teca●ls to our scowling host and we hit ▓the trail again.Out of sight of▓ the hamlet we halted to don th▓


e extra suits in our bundles.The Austral

ian gaz▓ed sorrowfully at his buskin▓s while I slipped on my second pair ●of shoes.From the rags and tatters I was● discarding I made a band to wind● around my brow, after the fashion ▓of Burma.Even with the top of m


y h●ead exposed to sun and rain, as it● was for days, I su

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he ground.Now and again we plun▓ged into a thicket only to be ●caught as in a net,

and, powerless to advance, ●retreated with rent garments and bl▓eeding hands and faces to fight our way around t▓he impenetrable spot.We were now ▓in the very heart of t

he mountains.● Range after range of unbroken jungle succeed●ed each other.From every summit there spread ●out a boundless forest of teak an●d bamboo, turgid with riotous undergrowth●.Mountains that were just blue wrea

ths in the● morning climbed higher and hi▓gher into the sky—rolling ranges with▓out a yard of clearing to break the monot●ony o

f waving tree tops—and be●yond them more mountains, identical ▓in formation.Level spaces were there n●one.Descents so steep that the fo●rce of gravity sent us plunging h●eadlong through thor

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144 Pitt Street, Byron Bay, Australia
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ts, ended▓ in the uncanny depths of V-shaped▓ valley

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